The game isn't even out yet, but GRID2 is already teasing the extra content that it will offer. Should you pre-order the game through Best Buy you can download the extra IndyCar Pack. This means you get a few extra layouts at Indy, the Dallara-bodied racecars, Indy 500 liveries, and the Camaro SS and Chevrolet Z06 Centennial Edition. Pretty sweet, right?

Actually, no it's not. We're a bit sick of the idea of DLC being the go-to make-more-money-move for more and more video games that come to market. If we're buying the game, give us all you've got right from the get go. If you actually provide some new and interesting features/side games/missions down the road then that makes sense to offer it as new content. Simply holding stuff back is simply annoying and frustrating. Especially when you're teasing it before the game has even launched.

This means you could've included it but decided to twist customers' wallets for as much as possible.

Now, I understand why you would want to give a bonus to those who pre-order the game. Best Buy customers get the IndyCar pack, while GameStop shoppers get a McLaren and GT-R pack, and Amazon customers get the Head Start pack. Still, each of those customers is now missing out on the packs the other shoppers get simply because of their preferred shopping method. So now they have to shell out more money over the price of the game just to get the complete experience.

It's a lame practice that we, unfortunately, don't see stopping anytime soon. If anything it's bound to get worse. "Oh, you wanted the tires for the car? That's in the Terrific Tire Pack Sponsored By Goodyear! It's just an extra $10."

...and console game creators wonder why people make the jump to PCs.


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