The Dodge Viper (current SRT Viper preliminarily excluded) is a wild beast of a machine that demands serious attention from the person driving it. It's a high-strung super sports car that enjoys running on the ragged edge. For the 2005-2006 model, that ragged edge might come at a lower limit than you'd expect, according to a preliminary investigation by NHTSA.

It appears that the rear suspension knuckle could fail, which would result in a rather unstable ride. So far only two crashes have been reported, but since we're dealing with a small 2,500 pool of vehicles it's enough for NHTSA to take a closer look. There have been no fatalities from the two crashes, but it seems there has been at least one injury. Stay tuned on this one, we'll be keeping up with the NHTSA to try and find out more.