Electric cars are many things: efficient, quiet, high-tech, expensive. With few exceptions, however, electric cars are not exciting. This is one of those exceptions.

The first all-electric off-road race vehicle will tackle the Mexican 1000 race in the National Off Road Racing Association's series.

With a powertrain built by EV West, the Strategic Recovery Institue EV1 electric off-roader boasts 535 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque. Power from the dual 9-inch Netgain WarP electric motors is routed through a Mendeola S4D sequential gearbox.

The battery pack that lets the SRI EV1 run for 100 miles between charges, hit a top speed of 125 mph, and endure 1,200 miles and 35 hours of off-road beating is a collection of 138 3.3-volt prismatic lithium-ion cells. Two of the powerpacks give the EV1 its range and speed, weighing 1,950 pounds in total.

"This is a monumental undertaking that has been 18 solid months in the making--our entire team is excited about what we are stepping forward to do. We are confident that this capabilities demonstration will generate future battery sponsorship that will allow us to 'hot swap' multiple battery packs and complete entire races in the near future," said Jeffrey Smith, founder of Strategic Recovery Institute.  

The Mexican 1000 will run from Mexicali to Cabo San Lucas April 27-May 1. Competitors will drive eight special stages of about 95 miles each, plus ten transit legs averaging 43 miles. The SRI EV1 team hopes to complete significant portions of each day's events, minimizing the action missed during recharging.