The coupe version of the sixth-generation F30 BMW 3-Series sedan, essentially the replacement for the aging 3-Series Coupe, has been spotted once again, this time wearing its new M Sport package.

While the standard 4-Series Coupe was captured undisguised recently during a photo shoot, the latest photos show what the M Sport package will look like.

Larger air intakes in a more dramatic front bumper cover, more prominent side skirts, and a slightly tweaked rear bumper cover, as well as slightly different wheels mark the major exterior differences.

As with other M Sport packages, we expect there to be some M-branded interior items to the package as well.

Furthermore, as is usually the case with the M Sport package, the styling of the kit is a blend between elements from the regular coupe and the high-performance M version that will eventually be launched. In fact, spy shots of prototypes of this new M model, likely to be called an M4, have already been spotted.

In either form, regular or with the M Sport package equipped, the new 4-Series Coupe looks very similar to the recently revealed concept version, as you'd expect, though with a slightly modified fender vent design and somewhat tamer bumpers.

As for why the car is now a 4-Series Coupe and not a 3-Series Coupe, the rebranding is part of BMW’s plans to  further differentiate its existing models as well as allow for the introduction of new models and bodystyles.

BMW is adopting a naming strategy where its more practical models such as sedans, wagons and Gran Turismos all have names starting with odd numbers, while the more dynamic models such as coupes, convertibles and Gran Coupes get even-numbered names.

We’re expecting this M Sport package to be available at the 4-Series Coupe’s launch, expected in the second half of the year. It should be available on any trim, which in the U.S. is expected to include 428i and 435i designations.

This M Sport package should also be available for the upcoming 4-Series Convertible, spy shots of which you can access here.