The Pinehurst Resort is well-known for both its golf course and its other amenities, but this year, it will also be known for its Concours d'Elegance.

Joining the concours circuit with its inaugural event, the Pinehurst Resort promises to "blend the history, heritage and grandeur from three of North Carolina's proudest entities in celebration of America's passion for the automobile and for the brave men and women of Fort Bragg."

What is a classic car event doing in North Carolina, you ask? Well, the state is no stranger to a love of cars--specifically, racing. It's a $6 billion per year industry there--largely thanks to the NASCAR teams that call it home, as well as their engineering and research labs used by motorsports teams around the globe.

Add to that the typical love of cars exhibited on any military base, especially one such as Fort Bragg, America's largest military installation on home soil, and you have a recipe for a dedicated community of car lovers.

The Pinehurst Concours promises some truly fine automotive hardware, from the Brass Era cars of 1895-1915 to the sports and GT cars from 1946-present; American muscle cars from 1961-1974, to the featured marque cars from Porsche. The Corvette's anniversary will also be celebrated, and the cars of Holman Moody will be on display.

RKM will also hold a collector cars auction in the Pinehurst Fair Barn on May 4, so you'll be able to get your hands on your own covetable classic should you wish.

For more information, including tickets and registration for the concours, visit the official Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance site.