If you’ve ever had the luxury of ordering a new Porsche model from the factory, you understand what a daunting task this can be. Like many other high-end sports and luxury cars, most Porsche models come with the potential for a dizzying array of configurations and options.

Some buyers still want more exclusivity and personalization, which is where Porsche Exclusive comes in. For a price, Porsche’s bespoke customization division will give buyers the satisfaction of knowing their model is truly one of one in the world, with over 600 options and color choices available.

While some associate bespoke customization with automakers such as Bentley and Roll-Royce, Porsche became the first to establish a special department for this with the creation of Porsche Exclusive in 1986.

Even prior to this, special customer requests were considered business as usual for Porsche, with a semi-formal program dating as far back as 1978. Today, specially trained Porsche Exclusive teams toil alongside production workers at Porsche’s assembly lines in both Zuffenhausen and Leipzig.

The influence of Porsche Exclusive extends beyond individual vehicles, too. The custom division was behind the release of the limited-edition Porsche 911 Sport Classic and the Porsche 911 Speedster, both of which gave buyers a custom experience right off the  dealer showroom.

Given that many Porsche vehicles are purchased to mark a milestone in one’s life or career, it’s only fitting that all Porsche models are configurable to the buyer’s exact wishes. When you’re shopping for the car of your dreams, there’s no such thing as “close enough.”