Last month, Lexus took top honors among all brands for its dependability in the latest J.D. Power and Associates study. The brand managed just 71 problems per 100 (PP100) vehicles, well below second place Porsche (94 PP100) and even further below the industry average of 126 PP100.

In the latest study from J.D. Power on customer satisfaction with dealer service, Lexus again took top honors, for the fifth consecutive year. On a 1,000 point scale of customer satisfaction, the Japanese luxury brand scored 862, beating second place Cadillac by just four points and topping the luxury brand average by 16 points.

Among mass-market brands, GMC scored the highest, racking up 819 points. MINI was next, with 810 points, well above the mass-market average of 789 points, followed by Buick with 809 points.

Comparing the two recent J.D. Power studies, it’s clear that vehicle dependability has little influence on customer service scores. While GMC topped the customer service rankings, it scored below the industry average for dependability.

MINI was second for customer service, yet ranked 25th out of 32 brands for dependability. Jaguar, third on the list for customer service, placed just six spots from the bottom in terms of dependability.

Among luxury brands, the top five for customer service (and their scores) were:

  1. Lexus - 862
  2. Cadillac - 858
  3. Jaguar - 856
  4. Acura - 852
  5. Infiniti - 848

Luxury brand average - 846

11.  Land Rover - 825

Among mass market brands, the top five for customer service (and their scores) were:

  1. GMC - 819
  2. MINI - 810
  3. Buick - 809
  4. Chevrolet - 806
  5. Volkswagen - 804

Mass market brand average - 789

19.  Jeep - 752