“His job was simple: deliver a car. But in the desert, nothing is simple.”

And with those catchy phrases, Jaguar manages (quite nicely, we might add) to suck you into Desire, an upcoming short film by Ridley Scott Associates that makes us want the 2014 Jaguar F-Type more than we already do.

Piecing the plot together from earlier teasers, Desire is the ageless boy-meets-mysterious-girl-and-heavily-armed-drug-lord story, set in the “middle of a lawless desert.”

Damian Lewis plays the ever-composed delivery driver, Sidney Clark, while Shannyn Sossamon portrays the mysterious woman on the run. All is not as it appears, and when asked “Who are you,” Lewis delivers what may be the film’s best line.

“Like I said, I do deliveries,” Lewis quips in a flat voice, clearly after proving that his skills extend far beyond handing over a set of keys. For that brief, fleeting second, the Sidney Clark character manages to come across as cooler than James Bond, which makes us want to see the film that much more.

Look for Lana Del Rey’s song of the same name to feature in the film as well, which will really center around screen time for the Jaguar F-Type. Like the car, we sincerely hope the video lives up to the hype surrounding it.