Some will decry the latest 991-based Porsche 911 GT3 as "not a real GT3" because of its PDK transmission, electric power steering, and increasingly tech-driven handling. But for those interested in absolute lap times, all of this "purist" moaning is just that--moaning.

Porsche's engineers are no strangers to either motorsports or private track days, and the GT3 they've built is aimed squarely at that audience.

Full details on the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 here.

With an enhanced PDK transmission for better track performance, an all-new rear-steer system to aid handling throughout its speed range, and the 991's improvements to track width and chassis stiffness, the latest GT3 is sure to be the fastest yet.

It's not the hardcore stripper model it once was, in some ways, but to our tastes, it's the perfect evolution of the brand's most track-ready production car.

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