One of the most intriguing cars at last year’s Geneva Motor Show was a modern interpretation of the 1952 Alfa Romeo C52 Disco Volante, originally crafted by a firm called Carrozzeria Touring, which has evolved into a company called Touring Superleggera.

Touring Superleggera’s modern version, the Disco Volante 2012 Concept, uses the spaceframe and mechanicals of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, but adds carbon fiber substructures covered with hand-beaten aluminum body panels and carbon fiber bumpers.

The net result is an artistically-bodied lightweight coupe with 443 horsepower and a front-engine, rear-transaxle layout for optimized weight distribution. The Disco Volante has a claimed 0-100 km/h (62 mph) time of 4.2 seconds, along with an estimated top speed of 180 mph.

We say claimed and estimated, as the original car shown in Geneva last year was merely a rolling chassis, sans mechanicals. For the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, World Car Fans tells us that a production version of the Disco Volante will debut in the Touring Superleggera booth.

Should you want one of your own, the process is both complex and (presumably) expensive. First, you’ll need to track down a limited production Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, of which just 500 were ever built, to serve as a donor car.

Though we're not entirely certain, we believe that the even-more-expensive 8C Spider (also built in a production run of 500) is a suitable starting point as well, assuming you can find an owner willing to part with one.

Once you’ve written the six-figure check for the Alfa Romeo 8C, your fingers should be  limber enough to write an even larger check to Touring Superleggera. We’re not even sure how large that check will need to be (though we’ll ask the question in Geneva), but the company estimates that it takes some 4,000 man-hours to build a Disco Volante.

Since many of its components are crafted by hand, the process of building one takes an estimated eight months; that, coupled with the initial purchase price, should be incentive enough not to crash your Disco Volante once delivered.

We’ll bring you pictures of the production Touring Superleggera Disco Volante as part of our 2013 Geneva Motor Show coverage.