On January 15, Nissan will take the wraps off its latest crossover concept, dubbed the Resonance, at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Aside from the above teaser image, Nissan is only saying that the Resonance is the latest in a series of “envelope-pushing” crossover designs from the Japanese automaker.

The Resonance concept uses hybrid-electric drivetrain technology, but Nissan isn’t saying if it’s a conventional parallel hybrid or a more sophisticated plug-in (or extended-range) hybrid variant.

It’s likely that the Resonance is an advanced preview for the next Nissan Rogue, as the current model debuted in 2008. As the Rogue out-sold the Murano by almost 3:1 last year, it’s highly likely that Nissan would prioritize a new Rogue over a new Murano.

On the other hand, the Resonance could also be a glimpse of the next Nissan Murano, as the current generation dates back to 2009. Its most recent refresh came in 2011, when the Murano received new front and rear styling, as well as an open-air Cross Cabriolet version.

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