Ken Block’s resume contains things like "actor," “shoe company CEO” and “part-time World Rally Championship competitor,” but let’s be honest here - he’s probably best known for his series of Gymkhana videos, featuring Block hooning in whatever car he’s currently being paid to drive.

If you’ve seen the videos, you know they can get a bit bizarre, often featuring scenes of Block drifting around random objects, like a guy riding a Segway scooter. In Gymkhana Four, Block gets kicked in the head by a ninja, just before we see a random zombie chowing down on a severed human leg wearing a DC shoe. It’s all about the product placement, after all.

Then there was the whole gorilla-on-a-stepladder drift thing, which still has us scratching our heads. None of these compare to the “Snowkhana” spoof cooked up by Ford of Europe, which goes to show that some marketing departments have far too much time on their hands (not to mention an extensive collection of Star Wars figurines).

As odd as the Gymkhana videos have been over the years, Ken Block has never had to contend with a giant reindeer pulling a mutant Santa Claus, and he’s never had to fend off an attack from a Wampa, also known as the ice beast of Hoth.

Mental Block, Ken’s 1/43 scale relative, clearly can’t say the same thing. Merry Christmas, we guess, from Ford of Europe.