Hyundai is previewing its vision for the future of car connectivity with a new technology demonstrator based on its i30 hatchback sold overseas. Aptly named the Connectivity Concept, the new i30-based technology demonstrator showcases the future of mobile phone and car integration from the Korean automaker.

The highlight of the Connectivity Concept is its ability to turn a smartphone into a key, allowing owners of a vehicle to enter and lock the car by simply using their smartphone. Rather than require them to actually download an app or play around with buttons, the owner simply has to place their smartphone over an NFC-tag (Near Field Communication) located on one of the car’s window.

Once inside, the smartphone can then be placed in the center console, a process that then activates the user’s profile and allows full control of the smartphone’s features via a dash-mounted touch-screen display. This makes the system ideal for multiple users who can quickly and easily be synced with the car.

All user content such as music, phone contacts, radio station preferences and individual profile settings can then be accessed. Additionally, settings such preferred seat and mirror adjustment could also be recognized.

And the best part is that users need not worry that their smartphone’s battery might go flat, as the device can be wirelessly charged while it’s sitting in the center console.

Hyundai is working with technology partner Broadcom Corporation to further develop its new smartphone-based connectivity system and hopes to have it, along with other technologies, ready for production by 2015.