While the list of bad things that can happen to a driver on track in a race-prepped car is almost limitless, the failure of a front tire or wheel has to be among the worst. Not just because of the massive impact it's likely to cause, but because you just might have time to anticipate that impact. Like this guy.

Driving along in control and at what looks like a good pace around Pittsburgh International Race Complex, this driver's left front tire failed at turn-in to a high-speed corner. The result? Terminal understeer.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) there was a fair bit of grassy runoff and a guardrail to catch him. Upon impact at a still good clip, the car vaults into the air, turning end-over-end, before coming to rest.

Thankfully, the driver only suffered a few bumps and bruises, the safety equipment doing its job.

Warning: one NSFW word happens upon impact. I think we can all forgive him.