This isn't the first time a race car has been crashed hard and fixed overnight. It's not even the most dramatic repair job we've seen done under the same conditions. But it's still damned impressive.

Here, you'll see the Nissan DeltaWing/Highcroft Racing team strip down and rebuild most of the rear end of the funky Batmobile-like racer in just one quick overnighter. If you watch closely, you can see the translucent roof of the track-side shop go from dark to light as the rebuild progresses--people flitting about the image all the while.

This is the kind of skill, dedication, and teamwork it takes to put and keep a one-off prototype racer on the track, and we're glad it's being done--if only to finally see how the DeltaWing can fare in a real endurance race.

Here's hoping it doesn't get bullied off track by yet another GT car come race day.