Yesterday we brought you the news that the Nissan DeltaWing racer had been involved in its second at-speed crash, this time colliding with a GTC Porsche 911 in practice for Saturday’s ALMS Petit Le Mans. At this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans, the experimental car was take out of contention by a collision with a Toyota TS030 Hybrid.

The crash happened under the bridge, right before Road Atlanta’s puckering turn 11, a blind-entry downhill corner that leads onto the main straight. We’ve driven Road Atlanta enough to know that turn 11 is not the place for a high-speed wreck, since there isn’t a lot of run-off and gravity isn’t exactly on your side.

From the video, it looks to us like the driver of the green Porsche 911 lost the back end as the car crested the hill, corrected, then accidentally caught the DeltaWing in the left rear wheel. The resulting crash is dramatic (especially from the onboard perspective), but driver Gunnar Jeannette escaped injury and the DeltaWing was repaired overnight.

While the crash only lasted seconds, those of us with off-track experience in race cars know that Jeannette will be re-playing this incident in his head for while. It may last just a few seconds on video, but the brain has a way of stretching that into minutes on playback.

We hope the Nissan DeltaWing’s run of bad luck is over, and we wish the crew at Highcroft Racing all the best for this weekend’s ALMS Petit Le Mans.