Calling the new Jaguar F-Type convertible a milestone for the storied automaker is no exaggeration, as it’s the first no-compromise sports car from the brand in decades. It’s clear that Jaguar invested a significant amount of time and effort into its creation, and now that the car is nearing production we have to wonder what’s next from Jaguar.

Autocar believes it has the answer, based on statements from Jaguar head Adrian Hallmark. First, Hallmark clarified the company’s position on the F-Type, saying, “Without the F-Type, our heritage would not be complete. The F-Type is the core of our range, and from now on it is our orientation point.”

Saying that an SUV / crossover and a compact sedan are the most likely new products from Jaguar, Hallmark emphasized that “Whatever we do will be driven by the three pillars of our brand: innovation, design and performance leadership. Those three can be applied to different degrees in cars, but they must always be present.”

Perhaps even before a Jaguar crossover or sub-XF sedan can be launched, expectations are that Jaguar will introduce a coupe version of the F-Type, to better counter rival products like the Porsche 911 and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. When an F-Type coupe will hit the market is anyone’s guess, but popular opinion has it following a year after the convertible’s launch.

Whatever product is next in line, one thing is clear: based on Hallmark’s statements, it will be exceptional in design and in the driving experience. We’ve been impressed with Jaguar’s progress in recent years, so we’re not surprised to witness the brand’s ongoing  success.