In 2002, a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible was stolen from its owner in Australia. Since we’re pretty sure that kind of thing happens on a somewhat regular basis, even in a law-abiding country like Australia, it would be utterly unremarkable if not for the rest of the story.

Recently, dock workers in Brisbane came across a shipping container that no one could account for. As Drive explains, workers opened the container to find the missing Corvette Convertible, now riding on time-flattened tires.

The original owner had long since received compensation from his insurance provider, so Suncorp Insurance (the company in question) will be auctioning off the car to reduce its loss or pad its bottom line, depending upon selling price.

The Corvette seems remarkable primarily for its low mileage, racking up just 77,000 kilometers (47,846 miles) before it turned up missing. It’s got the base 327-cubic-inch V-8, mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, which isn’t the most desirable combination for any vintage Corvette.

On the other hand, it was built on December 26, 1967, which makes it an early production C3 Corvette, and that will likely help its resale value. After sitting unattended for ten years, it’s going to need a fair amount of work to make it road-worthy, so the new owner won’t exactly be driving the car home.

Manheim Auctions expects the drop-top Corvette to fetch between $14,000 - $17,000 AUD ($14,589 - $17,716 in U.S. money) when the car goes under the hammer on September 25.