It might not yet seem like the economy is out of its nearly half-decade-long turmoil--in truth, there may be more to come--but car sales are showing strength in spite of it. The high end of the market in particular is doing well--and Ferrari has ridden the tide to its best half-year result ever so far in 2012.

What constitutes its "best half-year ever"? A total of 3,644 cars delivered to customers, revenues of 1.208 million euros ($TK), profits of 152.2 million euros ($TK), a 17-percent rise in sales in the U.S., a 43-percent rise in the U.K., and an 18-percent rise in Germany. The U.S. accounted for 851 Ferraris delivered--23 percent of the brand's worldwide sales.

Those are fairly strong numbers compared to last year. Total car sales at Ferrari are up 7.4 percent, while profit is up 10 percent on an 11.9-percent rise in revenue.

So which models are responsible for the sales increases? The revised Ferrari California 30 is leading the way, and the 458 Italia is still selling strong, too, according to Ferrari, though it hasn't disclosed specifics. The F12berlinetta hasn't yet started deliveries, and so it isn't included in the tally.