We generally don’t cover trucks on Motor Authority, even cutting-edge, futuristic ones like the new Volvo FH. Volvo has done a great job of creating a buzz about its latest heavy hauler, though, especially after a video of acrobat Faith Dickey walking a slack line between two speeding Volvo FH trucks went viral.

Now it’s back with a new promotional video on the FH, shown below. It demonstrates the advantages of Volvo’s “Remote Services,” meant to keep owner-operators on the road with as little repair downtime as possible.

We’ve spent time turning wrenches (on cars) and we’ve spent time skateboarding (in our younger days), but we certainly never thought of combining the two.

As impressive as the Volvo FH may be, we’re more the Volvo S60 Polestar Concepttype ourselves. That said, America needs more truckers, and we certainly do enjoy a good road trip, so maybe it’s time to request more information to be on the safe side.