The replacement for Lamborghini’s Gallardo remains on track for a debut late next year or in early 2014, with the new car expected to ride on a modular platform that will also underpin the next-generation Audi R8 and possibly a new model from Porsche slotting in between the 911 GT2 RS and upcoming 918 Spyder.

This new platform is being developed by Porsche, which has been made responsible for all sports car architectures within the Volkswagen Group, and it will be significantly lighter than the current platform residing in the Gallardo thanks to a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber in its construction. This should guarantee the Gallardo’s replacement is not only faster, but better handling and more fuel efficient too.

A naturally-aspirated V-10 engine will remain, though instead of being mated to conventional manuals and e-gear automated units, only a dual-clutch transmission will be available. This, too, should guarantee enhanced performance, though the primary reason for dropping the manual option is the fact that only a handful of manual-equipped Lamborghinis are sold each year.

According to a new report from Car and Driver, the current lineup of all-wheel and rear-wheel drive Gallardo models, both in coupe and Spyder convertible bodystyles, and in lightweight Superleggera form, will continue, though some of the combinations will be dropped in order to streamline the range and ease confusion for customers.

This means that we might see the lightweight version of the Gallardo Spyder, the Spyder Performante, no longer offered with the new-generation, or perhaps we won’t see all-wheel drive offered on each of the models. We can’t be sure what Lamborghini has planned until the car makes its debut.

As for its name, this too remains up in the air, though one of the possibilities making the rounds is “Cabrera.” In Lamborghini tradition this name comes from a legendary Spanish fighting bull, though it roughly translates to “goatherder” in Catalan and Spanish.