Lexus's LFA may or may not be a stunning success, depending on your point of view, but it is surely a technological marvel in many respects--and purposefully primitive in others. Whatever your views on the car, however, it's wicked fast, crazy expensive, and incredibly exclusive. That's what makes this gathering of LFAs at Laguna Seca so remarkable.

As part of an owner event, apparently held this week, Lexus and what appears to be a couple dozen of its most important customers joined up for some time on the track at Laguna Seca. While the video just shows the cars taking off in pit lane, rather than tackling the famous Corkscrew, or the notoriously fun and tricky Turn 6, it's still a small piece of history in the making, as it may well be the largest gathering of LFAs ever in one place, let alone at one track.

Look for more details and footage from the event in the near future, as we expect Lexus to bring the full story soon.