Lincoln may be Ford’s in-house luxury brand, but don’t expect to see a flagship concept like Cadillac’s stunning Ciel from it in the near future. Instead, Lincoln’s product plan calls for a focus on building competitive products for the highest volume luxury segments.

While a flagship vehicle (or a stunning concept) may draw attention to the brand, producing such a high-cost, low-demand product simply doesn’t make financial sense for Lincoln. Instead, Lincoln is choosing to focus on building segment-leading vehicles to claw its way up the sales charts.

As Automotive News (subscription required) reports, Lincoln trails luxury marques like Lexus and Infiniti by a large margin, and barely sells more vehicles than Toyota’s entry-level Scion brand. The fact that Lincoln’s sales are down by 11-percent year to date (reducing its market share to just 0.6 percent) makes its climb back to prosperity that much more difficult.

Lincoln is banking on new products, like its 2013 MKZ sedan and the upcoming Ford Escape-sized crossover (tentatively called the MKC or MKD) to draw younger customers to the brand. Beyond that, it’s got updates of the MKX, MKT, MKS and Navigator in the works, but will a steady stream of new products be enough to ensure growth for the brand?

Time will tell, but time is a luxury that Lincoln seems to be running out of.