Racing and automotive mogul Roger Penske isn’t having a good summer. First, there was the whole A.J.-Almendinger-testing-positive-for-banned-substances incident to deal with, which left Penske’s NASCAR Sprint Cup team down a contracted driver after Almendinger’s release.

Now, just a few weeks later, Roger Penske can’t be too happy that his two adult sons, Jay and Mark Penske, were arrested and charged with “breaking and entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a misdemeanor,” in what we can only assume was an alcohol-related-incident.

As The Detroit News explains, police were summoned to the Nantucket Yacht Club early Thursday morning by two women who claimed to have witnessed Jay Penske urinating in the parking lot. A confrontation ensued, and police caught IndyCar team owner Jay Penske fleeing from the yacht club.

Mark Penske was found by police in the apartment of a yacht club employee, after he had reportedly fallen down a staircase. The Penske brothers were subsequently arrested and jailed, before being arraigned on the charges mentioned, then released on personal recognizance.

It’s probably worth pointing out that Jay Penske sits on the board of directors of the Entrepreneurial School at the Wharton School of Business, as well as sitting on the board for the University of Pennsylvania’s library. He’s also the founder and CEO of digital media company PMC, which makes antics like this seem a bit out of place.

We’re guessing that lawyers for the Penske family will have things under control for the pretrial hearing, which is set for August 20.