For many buyers, the purchase of a supercar is merely a way of showing the neighbors that you have more money (or care about saving it less) than they do. All too often, supercars are driven to events like car shows, or perhaps out to a five-star restaurant, before being returned to their lives of garaged isolation.

Justice Reed, on the other hand, owns a Lamborghi Aventador and isn’t afraid to use it. In the nine months that Reed has owned his raging bull, it’s clocked some 4,000 miles of hard use on race tracks including Laguna Seca, Infineon Raceway and Thunderhill.

From the stone chips and dead bugs on the car’s front fascia, it’s clear that Reed’s Aventador is no garage queen. In his own words, “...if you’re just taking this car to Cars & Coffee, or you sit home and shine it up in your garage, you’re not living up to the potential of a car like this.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we salute eGarage for recognizing that for some enthusiasts, it about the car and not about the price tag. It’s also worth pointing out that Reed isn’t the only supercar owner with a penchant for track days; in fact, we know of a certain Ferrari F430 that’s been campaigned on two different runnings of One Lap of America.