According to trademark applications filed by Toyota, customers may soon enjoy a touch-sensitive dashboard and inductive charging for mobile devices, which could potentially increase the Japanese automaker’s appeal among tech-savvy new car shoppers.

Touch sensitive displays are nothing new, as Ford has embraced them in the MyFord Touch system since 2010 or so. Cadillac has taken the concept to the next level with its CUE system, but Car and Driver thinks Toyota may go one step farther and build a full touch sensitive dashboard for future models.

It’s filed for a trademark on something called “Intellitouch,” which will likely be used in conjunction with similar Toyota patent filings, including one called a “Reconfigurable Tactile Control System Display,” which could give drivers multiple options for dash display setup. Knobs and buttons may soon vanish entirely from the center stack landscape.

Another Toyota trademark filing was for “EBIN,” which Toyota describes as storage containers for mobile devices with built-in inductive charging capabilities. Since the tech behind this is relatively mature, implementing this as part of a future interior design shouldn’t pose problems. In fact, both Chrysler and GM have plans for similar systems, too.

There’s no word yet on when Toyota plans to roll out these technologies, or which models will see them first.