In the gospel according to Audi, the traditional MPV is a “boring concept,” likely purchased out of resignation, not desire. The exception to this rule, according to Audi’s sales and marketing head, Peter Schwarzenbauer, is the Ford S-Max, which has reportedly attracted premium-brand buyers due to its unique and sporting nature.

What’s good for Ford, then, can potentially be good for Audi. Autocar quotes Schwarzenbauer as saying that a six or seven seat MPV, “designed as an Audi,” was a strong candidate for a future model. In other words, Audi believes that a sporty MPV from a premium brand can capture enough market share to be interesting.

We suspect that Schwarzenbauer  may be referring to the rumored A4 “Superavant” MPV, a high-roof A4 wagon that some say could replace the current A4 allroad wagon. It would slot nicely into Audi’s product mix, above the A4 Avant but below the pictured Q5 crossover.

Audi’s sales and marketing boss also let slip that a two-wheeled Audi was in the pipeline. While the vehicle would not be a rebadged Ducati, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer owned by Audi is expected to have a role in designing and building “future mobility solutions” under the Audi name.

If Audi goes the scooter route, it would join MINI, Smart and BMW in showing concept two-wheelers for the urban environment. Of the four companies, only BMW has a history in designing and building scooters targeted to commuters.