2001 Audi A8 Avantissimo Concept

2001 Audi A8 Avantissimo Concept

Despite sales of its 5-Series Gran Turismo proving less than spectacular, BMW is so adamant that demand for upmarket MPVs will eventually take off that it’s planning two more additions in the coming years.

One will be based on the latest 3-Series platform and will likely be called the 3-Series Gran Turismo, while the other will be based on a new front-wheel drive platform and could go by the name 1-Series Gran Turismo.

It appears Audi may be itching to launch its own version, with Automobile reporting that the brand with the four rings is working on a high-roof, MPV-style model based on its next-generation A4.

If built, the A4 MPV, already nicknamed the A4 “Superavant,” could end up replacing the A4 Allroad, which currently fills the gap between the regular A4 Avant and Q5 crossover.

Audi already hinted at the possibility with the unveiling of the A8 Avantissimo concept back in 2001, though any production version would likely be based on a more affordable platform as it would be aimed at families. Note, the vehicle may also prove popular with older buyers who appreciate the convenience of high-mounted seats but don’t want a full-blown SUV or crossover.

Audi is believed to be in talks with designers at Volkswagen Group’s recently acquired Italdesign studio regarding possible ideas for the new A4 Superavant, and we may see a concept version unveiled by the end of 2014.

As mentioned, it will likely be based on the next-generation A4, which will ride on the latest Modular Longitudinal System (MLB) architecture already found in models like the Audi A6.

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