• Honda MotoCompacto e-scooter – Photo by David Tracy

    This folding electric scooter will get you through that last mile of your commute with a grin on your face.

  • 2012 BMW C evolution electric scooter prototype
    BMW Unveils C evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

    BMW is giving us a preview of yet another vehicle it plans to launch under its i sub-brand for environmentally friendly modes of transportation, this time in the form of the latest C evolution electric scooter prototype. Developed together with the automaker’s two-wheel division, BMW...

  • Audi SQ5 twin-turbo performance diesel crossover
    Audi Ponders Branching Out Into New Segments: Report

    In the gospel according to Audi, the traditional MPV is a “boring concept,” likely purchased out of resignation, not desire. The exception to this rule, according to Audi’s sales and marketing head, Peter Schwarzenbauer, is the Ford S-Max, which has reportedly attracted...

  • Vespa Quarantasei (Photos: Vespa Facebook)
    Vespa 46 Blends Technology, Style Both Old And New (Video)

    We tend to feature four wheels rather than two here at All Car Tech but we're always prepared to make exceptions for objects of great beauty and technological interest. That's why you're looking at the Vespa Quarantasei ('46') concept (via Wired), the embodiment of a possible future direction for...

  • Digital Veneer Wooden Tribute Vespa
    Get Wood In The City With Veneered 'Tribute' Vespa

    Typical: You've bought a gorgeous Riva Aquarama speedboat, moored up in your local marina. You've bought an aristocratic Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe with its wooden decking tonneau, wafting you from city to city. But when you get there, where is your next veneered vehicle? How inconvenient...

  • 2010 Smart Escooter Concept
    2010 Paris Auto Show Preview: Smart Escooter Concept

    Last year we saw the C1-E electric scooter concept from BMW, and just yesterday MINI dropped images of its new Scooter E, and now rival company Daimler has released details of yet another electric scooter concept: the 2010 Smart Escooter. Set to debut next week at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, the new...

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