Typical: You've bought a gorgeous Riva Aquarama speedboat, moored up in your local marina. You've bought an aristocratic Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe with its wooden decking tonneau, wafting you from city to city.

But when you get there, where is your next veneered vehicle? How inconvenient that no manufacturer can provide you with a carefully crafted conveyance for the city streets.

Help is at hand from Aerospace Interiors and Digital Veneer, with the new limited edition "Tribute" Vespa LX50 and LX150.

Vespas are already some of the coolest scooters on the roads but the Digital Veneer mahogany finish gives the classic lines a certain je ne sais quoi, turning a chic Italian icon into an object of art. As well as the wooden finish, the Vespa also offers a hand-stitched leather seat for yourself and a close acquaintance. If that's not enough, a personal customization service is also available.

The Tribute Vespa is designed to evoke images of those luxury, wooden speedboats, even if it doesn't quite offer the speed from 50cc and 150cc single cylinder engines.

We can't find a price for the Tribute Vespa, but perhaps if you have to ask, you can't afford it...

[Design Taxi]