In February we brought you details of a series of patent drawings that suggested Mercedes-Benz was considering a four-door version of its SLS AMG supercar complete with a set of gullwing doors and a pair of rear-hinged ‘suicide’ style doors.

As the images show, it's a pretty slick take on the idea of a four-door SLS AMG, but according to latest comments from the boss of AMG the design was never meant to lead to a production model.

Speaking with AutoVisie, AMG CEO Ola Källenius explained that the design was just an idea that came up during the original planning phase for the regular SLS AMG gullwing model and its SLS AMG Roadster sibling.

Källenius said he was surprised to see the design attain a life of its own, at least in rumor circles, and stressed that at no point was it ever considered for production.

While we won’t be seeing a four-door SLS AMG, AMG is working on several brand new models set for launch in the near future. Already we’ve seen the company unveil the new SLS AMG GT and GL63 AMG, and soon we’ll see AMG venture into new territory with the A45 AMG hot hatch. On top of this, we’ll be seeing a new CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake as well as a flagship SLS AMG Black Series model.

While these models are all confirmed, and have even been spotted as prototypes, AMG is thought to be working on even more models, some of which are hinted at in the teaser image below. These additional models include new versions of the next-generation S Class, ranging from the regular sedan to new coupe and convertible variants, as well as a Porsche 911-rivaling SLC AMG sports car.

AMG teases new models

AMG teases new models