The last major update for Infiniti’s midsize G37 came in 2007 for the sedan, 2008 for the coupe and 2009 for the convertible. Since then, BMW has launched an all-new 3-Series sedan, Mercedes-Benz has revamped its C-Class product line (which now includes a coupe) and Cadillac is poised to launch the ATS compact luxury sedan.

Even rival Lexus is in the midst of an impressive update cycle, with new GS and ES models either here or on the way. That means it gets harder by the day to keep customers interested in the Infiniti G series products, so a new Infiniti G Series range is badly needed to keep the brand competitive.

According to Inside Line, you’ll see just that in about 12 months, as Infiniti will debut the 2014 G Series sedan in the spring of 2013. The date’s not exactly set in stone, since it’s based on a comment from Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan and Infiniti, that, “the new G will arrive a year from now.”

It’s too early to talk details, but expect Infiniti to launch a sedan variant first, followed by coupe and convertible (likely in successive years). There’s talk about a G Series hybrid, which would use the same powertrain as the M35h, but that may turn out to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

Given the overall engine downsizing trend that manufacturers are following these days, we wouldn’t be a bit surprised if base G Sedan models came with a turbocharged four instead of the current 2.5-liter V-6. We can live with that as long as Infiniti continues to offer up at least one variant with an evolved VQ37 V-6 engine.

We’ll keep you current on the new Infiniti G Series as information becomes available.