Of all the causes of road rage we can name, cat urine has got to be pretty low on the list. That doesn't help Winmalee, Australia, resident Hannah Richardson, who was recently run down by her own enraged brother Oliver, over an incident involving a bladder-emptying cat and a computer.

As 7News Melbourne explains, the trouble allegedly began when Hannah’s cat voided its bladder on Oliver’s computer. As you’d imagine, an argument ensued and quickly escalated. When Oliver grabbed the cat and threw it in his car, Hannah assumed it would be a one-way ride for her beloved kitty.

Risking the inevitable personal injury, Hannah tried to use a garbage can to block her brother’s escape. The tactic didn’t work, and Oliver struck his sister with the car, leaving her with a fractured spine, a fractured leg and a collapsed lung.

Surprisingly, alcohol wasn't mentioned in reference to the story. Police have charged Oliver with common assault and negligent driving, and the wild-eyed brother likely faces jail time for his actions. The cat that prompted the incident was unhurt in the crash, and like all cats we’ve ever known, remains unrepentant.