Jerry Seinfeld's love of cars is no secret, especially when it comes to Porsches. He and Jay Leno even fought out a ridiculous bribery session for rights to buy the first Acura NSX during the Super Bowl. But now Seinfeld is looking to go a bit more public with his car obsession, with a new TV show.

Featuring other stars like Ricky Gervais, Larry David, and Alec Baldwin, the show would essentially be funny people having funny car-related conversations, looking back at the cars they've owned, reports The Daily.

The show is tentatively titled, "Comics and Cars," but beyond the above, we know little about the show's details or likelihood of reaching production. The show is said to be a pet project of Seinfeld's, and his Twitter stream reflects that.

We certainly hope it comes to fruition, as we can't really get enough of the properly-executed mixture of comedy and cars--after all, that's a large part of why Top Gear UK works so well. We just hope Seinfeld's project delivers where others have let us down.