If we were making a list of the “Top Ten Vehicles To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse,” the Chevy Cruze compact sedan wouldn’t make the grade. In fact, no compact sedan would, only because our own preferences involve something with brush guards, four-wheel-drive and an abundance of ground clearance.

Our own biases aside, the video does make a semi-compelling argument for the Cruze in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. It is good on gas and it does have a rather tight turning radius, both of which could potentially come in handy when the undead roam the earth. It's even got OnStar, already proven to be helpful in zombie outbreaks.

Steel safety cage and crush-resistant roof aside, the window glass in the Cruze isn’t likely to stand up to repeated zombie poundings. Worse, the car is designed to protect pedestrians in the event of an impact, a less-than beneficial trait at the end of the world. Do we even need to mention the downside to airbags?

We’d like to point out a few factual inaccuracies in the video as well. First, zombies (or anything else with the IQ of a turnip) really can’t be considered “overlords,” since they lack organization and leadership. Second, they’re incapable of speech, let alone translated speech, which doesn’t make for good interviews.

Still, we’re sure that many among you would like to see in-your-face reporters set forth into hordes of the shuffling undead. It would likely make for great ratings, albeit briefly.