There’s no shortage of Lamborghini automobiles to be found on the streets of Moscow. Like other high-end sports and luxury cars, Lamborghinis are a sign of the country’s relatively-new-found wealth and the accompanying conspicuous consumption.

Until recently, those shopping for a Lamborghini in Russia were limited to scanning the used market or importing a new car from a neighboring country, as the Italian automaker didn’t have a single retail outlet in Russia.

The times, as Bob Dylan once told us, they are a changing. Convinced that the Russian market is here to stay, Lamborghini has contracted with the Burevestnik Group, a luxury automobile and yacht retailer located in Moscow, to become Lamborghini’s first official dealership.

To commemorate the appointment, the Burevestnik Group held a kickoff event at the Collector Gallery of Moscow, attended by Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann, current Lamborghini owners, Russian celebrities,  sports stars and politicians.

The reception included the introduction of the Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador, followed by a fashion show featuring selections from Lamborghini’s line of clothing and accessories.

The Burevestnik Group is building a Moscow showroom, but has set up temporary sales operations in the Crocus City Mall. When the dealership is completed, it will house sales, service and retail accessory sales for the complete Lamborghini product lineup under one roof.