2012 Honda Civic Si with HFP package

2012 Honda Civic Si with HFP package

When it comes to new cars, $3,500 won’t buy you much.

It can, however, get you a brand new Honda Civic Si body-in-white just begging to be built up into a custom racer.

The Civic Si body-in-white is essentially the car’s chassis stripped of all its components except brakes, suspension, a limited-slip differential and tow strap.

While that may seem useless to new car buyers, those in performance circles that are used to building up race cars will see it as a convenient--and somewhat rare--opportunity. Previously, they would have to buy a complete car and then strip it of most of its parts.

Typical components required to make the body-in-white ready for race use include an engine and gearbox, a roll-cage and windows, a seat for the driver and several electronic systems. Many of the required components can be bought directly from Honda via its Honda Racing Line division or picked up elsewhere.

As The Detroit News Reports, the body-in-white--once fully built up--would be eligible for use in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, SCCA Pro Pirelli World Challenge and various other club racing categories.

Of course, Honda isn’t the only automaker offering body-in-white vehicles for public sale. Chevrolet and Ford sell them for the respective Camaro and Mustang muscle cars, and even Toyota sells a decontented version of the Scion FR-S in Japan.