If you thought Ferrari’s fiery supercar woes were over following the official recall of its highly-flammable 458 Italia, you’d be wrong as the automaker’s latest model, the four-seat and four-wheel drive FF, has now joined the spontaneously-combustible club.

The sorry-looking white FF pictured here suddenly caught fire while it was being driven down a highway in Shanghai, China over the weekend.

By the time authorities arrived to douse the flames, the car was already toast. Fortunately, the driver managed to escape unharmed.

According to the guys at TheTruthAboutCars, which dug up this image from CarsChina, the Ferrari FF retails for around $842,000 in China once you include customs and taxes, and at that price we’re sure they aren’t too many around.

Note, while an FF was reported to have caught on fire during a test-drive last November, this is the first time that there’s solid evidence that the FF is just as fiery as its siblings.