Not too long ago, starting up a new magazine required a serious financial commitment. Even if you could find writers and photographers willing to work for a byline or photo credit, there was still the (expensive) issues of layout, printing and distribution.

We have no idea how many new startup magazines have failed over the years, but the percentage has to rival that of new restaurants; in other words, you’re probably better off sinking your life savings into scratch-and-win lottery tickets, especially in the digital age.

Online publishing, however, is much more approachable for new startups, and that trend has led to a wide variety of new online publications. One of interest to driving enthusiasts is called “Ferdinand,” and as you’d imagine, it’s dedicated to all things Porsche.

Calling itself the “first, biggest and best purely digital magazine for Porsche lovers,” Ferdinand promises to deliver in-depth coverage of Porsche history, heritage and models, as well as breaking news, road tests and buyer’s guides. Since it’s a digital magazine, you’ll get videos, too, something you won’t find in a printed glossy.

Also unlike print magazines, a subscription to Ferdinand costs but a few minutes of your time. The first two issues are up, and we’ll admit to being impressed by both the content and layout. While the ads seem to be focused on UK businesses, the articles are relevant to Porsche fans worldwide.

Want to check it out? You’ll find the magazine here.