The team working on the redesign for the Jaguar F-Type sports car is reportedly looking at 2010's C-X75 concept car for inspiration.

The C-X75 is an extended-range electric supercar fitted with microturbines for range extenders. Jaguar started work on a production version with a plug-in hybrid powertrain utilizing a 2.0-liter inline-4 but ultimately canned the project in 2012 due to financial reasons. Now the car, or at least some of its design and technology, could be resurrected for a future F-Type.

Autocar reported Monday that the team working on the redesigned F-Type are deciding whether to stick with the current model's front-engine layout or swap to a mid-engine layout, and that the latter is the favored option. The mid-engine layout was also hinted by former Jaguar design chief Ian Callum as early as 2016.

2010 Jaguar C-X75 Concept, released at 2010 Paris Motor Show

2010 Jaguar C-X75 Concept, released at 2010 Paris Motor Show

Two powertrain types are also on the table, according to the Autocar report. Jaguar is reportedly looking at electric power for the mid-engine layout and internal-combustion power, including a hybrid option, for the front-engine layout.

The biggest challenge for the mid-engine route is developing a suitable platform, though Jaguar could use some of the technology originally developed for the C-X75. Recall, the automaker actually got around to building some prototypes before the project was canned. Another possibility pointed out in the Autocar report is twinning the development of the redesigned F-Type with BMW's replacement for the i8, currently thought to be a more powerful plug-in hybrid sports car from the BMW M sub-brand. Jaguar and BMW are already collaborating in the area of engines and electric motors.

Jaguar will buy itself a few more years by giving the current F-Type a major update next year. It will be the second update for the F-Type since the car arrived in 2013. Stay tuned.