Calling the Nissan GT-R “too good a platform to use on only one model,” Infiniti’s head of advanced planning, Francois Bancon, let slip that the luxury brand is seriously considering a halo car built on the GT-R platform.

In an interview with Britain's CAR, Bancon admitted that Infiniti is considering “three or four” proposals for a range-topping vehicle, including at least one based on Nissan’s 542 horsepower, all-wheel drive supercar.

But there’s a disconnect between the Nissan GT-R and luxury brand Infiniti. Any variant wearing an Infiniti badge would need to be softer-sprung, more plush on the inside and (most likely) significantly heavier than the Nissan version. Making the GT-R more refined would likely remove a significant part of the car’s appeal.

While Infiniti is currently considering its options, don’t expect a decision from the brand in the immediate future. First and foremost on Infiniti’s agenda is the launch of several new models, including the 2013 Infiniti JX crossover and a compact sedan based on the Etherea concept car.

Bancon revealed that a final decision on the matter isn’t expected for another two or three years, which means that any halo car for the brand won’t debut until the end of the decade.