While Audi Sport (formerly Audi Quattro) and Mercedes-AMG are already up to the second generation for their respective standalone sports cars, there’s still no answer from BMW M—and it looks like there won’t be one anytime soon.

Speaking with Motoring, BMW sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson said the M division was too busy upgrading regular BMW models and expanding the tamer M Performance range.

“We have no plan at the moment for a standalone M car, like Audi or AMG,” Robertson insisted. “M is simply too busy.”

The M division also doesn’t have the deep pockets of large parent companies like the Volkswagen Group for Audi Sport and Daimler for AMG. It’s one of the reasons the M division’s lineup is much smaller than that of its rivals.

But BMW fans shouldn’t be too disappointed. BMW is about to replace its Z4 with a new model sharing a platform with a new Toyota sports car likely to revive the Supra nameplate. The i8 is also about to spawn a convertible body style. And looking further out, there is also rumored to be a new M8 model based on the recently spied 8-Series coupe and convertible.