Scion introduced the 2013 FR-S--effectively the North American-spec Toyota GT 86--at this week's 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The automaker also announced it would offer a select number of Scion fans the chance to own the car before it becomes available to the general public late this spring.

The special program is called "First 86" and it's a unique chance for average Joes to own what will essentially be a limited edition sports car, albeit for a limited time only.

This Thursday, January 12 (that's tomorrow), Scion will open the First 86 applicants. Applicants simply select a color, manual or automatic transmission option, and dealer, then submit the entry form. The site will be open for entries between 12 p.m. and 8:06 p.m. EST.

Scion will select 86 first buyers and will contact them by email within 24 hours of their entries. The email will include a confirmation number along with confirmation of the car options and dealer. Within 96 hours of receiving the email, participants have to take a copy to the selected dealer, put down a $500 deposit and sign a vehicle request and deposit form.

At that point, the car is reserved. Scion also encourages buyers to work out financing with the dealer or third-party finance company prior to delivery.

Anyone that wishes to forfeit the reserved vehicle before proceeding with purchase will be able to get a refund on the deposit.

Other applicants who weren't among the original 86 will be put on a waiting list and may still get the opportunity to be among the first buyers. Scion will contact wait-listed individuals if their status changes.

Scion hasn't specified an exact time frame for when the first 86 can expect the FR-S, outside of stating that cars will arrive at dealerships before the model goes on sale to the general public in the spring. Buyers will get periodic updates with estimated delivery dates, and the dealer will send an email when the FR-S arrives. They'll then finish the transaction like any other car purchase, and participants will be able to test drive the car and cancel the reservation at any time.

Upon driving off the lot, buyers will have one of the first FR-S models on the road and will undoubtedly get into at least one or two conversations that start with "What's that car?"

If you're a Scion/Toyota/sports car guy or gal, it's kind of a cool opportunity to get your hands on a car that only a few dozen others will own at the time. You'll have to enjoy it while it lasts, though, because the FR-S will hit the mainstream market shortly thereafter.

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