Proving that not every concept vehicle is leaked weeks ahead of its show debut, Chrysler surprised the media with Monday’s reveal of its 700C minivan concept. Built as a styling exercise, the 700C’s primary mission is to gather feedback from show attendees.

The 700C sports some unusual design elements, such as blended front and rear door handles that looks like a solitary trim piece, not to mention the van’s leaf-shaped front side windows. Eschewing conventional design, the 700C’s Chrysler emblem is even embedded in the rear glass instead of affixed to the sheet metal.

Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s senior VP of product design (and the head of its SRT division), confirms that the 700C is a pure concept and not likely to see production. By gauging customer reaction to the futuristic three-row minivan, Chrysler can get a feel for what the public likes and what they don’t.

Media reaction has been mixed, with some comparing the 700C to the last-generation Nissan Quest minivan and others spotting design influences from Fiat's Lancia brand.

Chrysler has a press conference set for later today, in which it’s expected to discuss the future of its minivan product line. We’ll bring you any breaking news as part of our complete 2012 Detroit Auto Show coverage.