In the words of Shakespeare, “more matter and less art.” While BMW’s latest teaser for a new variant of the X6 M, rumored to be diesel powered, shows a slightly less blurred crossover, the video is still 90 percent hype and 10 percent content.

Contrary to the video’s claims, we’ve never driven a car that makes every road feel like a racetrack, we’ve yet to see a crossover that looks like a sports machine, and we’re not afraid to stop, no matter what we’re driving. We’re fans of the existing X6 M, but let’s be honest: no one is going to choose it over a BMW M3 or M5 if the primary goal is entertainment value on a winding road.

While the video in this second teaser is clearer, we still don’t get a good view of the vehicle’s headlights, tail lights, mirrors, lower front bumper or exhaust outlets, so there must be a valid reason why all are obscured. Look close enough, and you’ll see that the mystery M’s hood is camouflaged, too.

Perhaps the biggest clue to the new X6 M variant’s identity comes when BMW’s Brian Watts, head of global sales and marketing for BMW’s M Division, declares, “It deserves the M badge.” Since no diesel has even been graced with the M Division seal of approval, it seems logical that this could be the rumored M550d version of the X6.

Expect more teasers, each revealing a little bit more about the new M variant, in the coming weeks.