Ferrari 599 burns by the side of a road in Arizona

Ferrari 599 burns by the side of a road in Arizona

It’s a bad day for the Prancing Horse: first we told you about the Ferrari F40 that was crashed by an 80-year-old driver in Southern Germany, and now comes word that a Ferrari 599 went up in flames near Cornville, Arizona.

Cornville sits squarely in the middle of nowhere (roughly between Prescott and Sedona), so we’re surprised that there’s still this much Ferrari remaining.

The unnamed driver was enjoying the sparsely-traveled mountain roads in central Arizona when he is said to have smelled a strong odor of gasoline. He subsequently pulled the car to the shoulder of the highway, where a report by Verde Independent, which was first picked up by GT Spirit, tells us the car then spontaneously erupted in flames.

Here’s where the plot thickens: the Ferrari 599 was wearing New Jersey License plates, and automaker Ferrari has its U.S. headquarters in the Garden State. That means this particular Ferrari 599 was likely a press fleet car, although we can’t confirm it.

If it was, expect to read about it in one of the buff-book magazines in the coming months. The moral to this story? If you’re driving a Ferrari 599, even a borrowed one, you may want to think about throwing a fire extinguisher in the trunk.