Screen shot from Michael Bay's Need For Speed trailer

Screen shot from Michael Bay's Need For Speed trailer

A few weeks back we told you that Hollywood director Michael Bay would be teaming up with Electronic Arts to help direct a new trailer for the video game publisher’s latest Need For Speed title, Need For Speed: The Run.

Now, following yesterday’s sales launch of the game, the completed trailer has been released.

In case you’re not familiar with Bay, we’re certain you’re at least aware of his work--he's the talent behind such action thrillers as the Transformers series, Armageddon and The Rock.

As for the game itself, you basically play the character of Jack, a marked man on the run for his life. To save it, Jack has to win a series of races that will take him more than 3,000 miles from San Francisco to New York and involve a number of exotic supercars.

A couple of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models will also make a cameo, and if you’re lucky you can even enter a Need For Speed sponsored competition to win a 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Part I:

Part II: