If you can’t wait to get your hands on a newly redesigned 2012 BMW 3-Series sedan, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. Since we’re the glass-is-half-full type, we’ll give you the good news up front: 328i and 335i sedans hit production this week, and are being built as you read this.

Now for the bad news: BMW will spend the next two months building dealer demo models, before starting customer production. We’re OK with that, since we’d rather BMW iron out the bugs on dealer models instead of production cars, and the retail launch date of February 11, 2012 isn’t that far off anyhow.

All BMW dealers will get three cars, including two 328i models and one 335i. New design packages, called “Lines,” are meant to simplify ordering by increasing vehicle content without requiring the addition of individual options. Line choices include “Sport,” “Luxury,” and “Modern.”

Dealers will get one each of the various line options, and while we suspect that 328i models will come in Sport and Luxury trim, with the 335i model coming in Modern line trim, this isn’t clarified in BMW’s ordering guide. This much is clear: selection of line trim occurs very early in the order process (right after engine selection) since the line content determines later package and option availability.

The dealer ordering guide, posted on BMW Blog, contains quite a bit of detail on what each line includes, but it really breaks down as the names imply.

Sport Line cars get 18-inch double-spoke wheels with performance tires, a lowered sport suspension, black front air dam accents, an 8-slat grille (in black), black mirrors, sport seats, leatherette upholstery and piano black or aluminum interior trim.

Luxury Line cars get 18-inch multi-spoke wheels with all-season tires, a standard suspension, chrome front air dam accents, an 11-slat chrome grille, body-colored side mirrors, standard seats, leather upholstery and anthracite or burl walnut interior trim.

Finally, Modern Line cars get 18-inch “turbine” wheels with all-season tires, a standard suspension, matte chrome front air dam accents, an 11-slat matte chrome grille, body colored side mirrors, standard seats, leather upholstery (with unique stitching) and aluminum, pearl metallic or textured pure wood trim.

An M Sport line will be available as well, but not before July 2012 production, so details on the package contents for new models are lacking.

Dealers are already taking orders for 2012 BMW 3-Series sedans, so head on down to your local dealer if you want to be the first on your block with Munich’s latest.