The very slow trickle of McLaren MP4-12C deliveries to customers all around the world has just begun but already we have images of two crashed examples, one of which reportedly took place near the McLaren Technical Center in Woking, UK.

The black example you see above, first picked up by Wrecked Exotics, shows one sorry looking MP4-12C after it crashed into a guardrail on a highway in Hamburg, Germany, late last month.

The crash is believed to have been caused when the driver of the McLaren lost control at high speed.

Circumstances behind the second crash are a bit more complex as it’s believed to have happened after the white MP4-12C only just rolled off its production line earlier this week and was on its way to be delivered to an eagerly awaiting customer.

McLaren MP4-12C crashes near McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK

McLaren MP4-12C crashes near McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK

The image of the wreckage, uploaded to the Clio Sport forum and first picked up by GT Spirit, is said to have been wearing delivery packing tape and plastic protective wrapping, suggesting this may have been a factory test-drive gone bad.

This sad McLaren reportedly hit another car up front before careening to the side of the road and crashing into a fence.  

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries from either of the crashes.