Infiniti's mainstream sister brand, Nissan, has been selling the LEAF electric vehicle just about as quickly as it can build it, but so far, there's been no luxury version for the premium marque. That's going to change in 2014 according to a speech given by Shiro Nakamura, Infiniti's chief creative officer and senior vice president, at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show today.

Very few details on what's planned for the new Infiniti electric car were revealed, but Nakamura did confirm it will be a compact sedan, that it will have a bold design (Nakamura cited the Etherea concept as an example of such boldness), and that it will arrive in 2014--likely as a 2015 model here in the U.S.

Beyond that, we're left to speculation, though previous talk of the Infiniti electric has said the car will seat five and that it will likely deliver more power and range than the Nissan LEAF.

Stay tuned for more on the Infiniti electric sedan as it develops, and in the mean time, stay up-to-date on our 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show coverage here.